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Conventional Wisdom, Innovative Solutions, Extraordinary Results.

The Clients had been divested of all control of virtually all the assets their family had acquired through extremely hard work and frugal living over generations. At the time the Clients hired Daily, they had no ownership or beneficial interest in what had been their assets before their Former Attorney implemented his scheme. They were nothing more than unsecured creditors of a diminishing body of assets and they had what seemed to be only a slight possibility of obtaining what was owed them.

Without the litigation spearheaded by Daily, the entire family would have been penniless in short order.

As evidenced by the paper trail he created, the former attorney’s scheme was complex, strategically planned and carried out over an extended period of time. He frightened and manipulated the Clients into ceding control to him with horror stories of improbable and devastating tax consequences. He put virtually all of their assets into irrevocable CRUTS, which was a totally unsuitable strategy for their ongoing needs. Even their life insurance policies were payable to trusts which the former attorney controlled. Of course, what he did was unlawful and fraudulent. That doesn’t change the reality that he had the power to, and did, misappropriate all the value of the assets for his own benefit.

The work to unravel the former attoney’s decade long scheme was multi-faceted, time intensive and delicate. Daily quickly understood the breadth and depth of the work to be done, and designed an effective strategy, both short term and long term, to recapture control of the hard assets through the probate court, and obtain monetary damages, to make the family whole, through civil litigation. The evidence suggests the Clients may be entitled to more than $25,000,000 in damages, plus punitive damages.

Daily devoted essentially all his professional time to the clients matters for nearly two and a half years. Without the litigation spearheaded by Daily, the entire family would have been penniless in short order.

April 9, 2015

Hon. Melinda A. Johnson (Ret.)
JAMS Los Angeles

Richard Cohn, Esq.

Partner Aitken, Aitken & Cohn

Working with Jim has been a real pleasure. Particularly in the filed of fiduciary abuse.  Daily correctly anticipated a long, complicated litigation, but was aware that, because of the former fiduciary’s machinations, the clients had relatively little cash. He also knew, from past experience, that there was a distinct possibility that the defendants had secreted their assets such that they might never be recovered. He assumed he would, among other strategies, have to pursue errors and omissions policies of legal firms who had represented or worked with the defendants taking on a team of law firms dedicated to defending the actions of their employee and his accomplices.  His actions were of the highest character of lawyers and for which we are all very proud at attorneys.

Lynne Vanderwall

CEO, United Polychem.

I have never thought that I could find someone who could present so passionately and emphatically my case.  Jim literally saved my company and saved me a million dollars.  I had personally guaranteed all of the company debts and payroll.  Due to customers having rough times, my accounts were over extended and the agreements that I had made without seeking the review of an attorney were not coming back with a vengeance.  Never again.  Thank you Jim.

Gary Busey