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Fiduciary law

Uberrima Fides - Utmost faithfulness.

Fiduciary Abuse and Trusts Litigation Lawyer

Trustees and other fiduciary agents are held to the standard of Uberrima Fides – utmost faithfulness. Their relationship to their beneficiary is of the very highest character and binds the fiduciary to a duty of utmost conscientious fidelity. They must account for expenses, earnings and disbursements, and they must provide regular reports to beneficiaries and account holders. Trustees and fiduciaries can and should be held to these standards.

Daily Law Group has an experienced fiduciary litigation law firm that represents clients in cases involving all types of fiduciary abuse and negligence. Such cases can be complex and require thorough investigation and preparation. Our firm has the experience, knowledge and resources needed to investigate document-intensive cases and those involving complex financial transactions.

Daily Law Group provides legal services in cases involving:

  • Alleged fiduciary negligence
  • Disputes involving trusts
  • Trustee mismanagement, Self Dealing and Mishandling of Investments

Other litigation involving alleged malfeasance in the administration of trusts and estates

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