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Los Angeles Intellectual Property Lawyer

A sustainable point of difference worth protecting.

A trademark, trade name or other forms of intellectual property should be protected and treated as an important business asset.

Daily Law Group is a firm that helps corporations and business owners monetize their intellectual property assets, enabling them to take full advantage of their potential. We provide advisory services and representation in matters involving:

  • Advice concerning the registration of trademarks, trade names, and copyrights
  • Distribution and licensing agreements
  • International intellectual property issues
  • Litigation involving trademarks, trade names and licensing agreements
  • Other intellectual property issues

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Taking Control of Your Profit Potential

Registration of a trademark or trade name is only the first step toward maximizing the value of those assets. At Daily Law Group, we help our clients develop long-term strategies to extract full value from intellectual property. We actively participate in negotiations concerning distribution agreements and licensing agreements, and we advise clients on ways to protect the quality of goods bearing licensed marks. In these and other matters involving the monetization of intellectual property assets, the advice of an objective third party can be invaluable. Our experience includes the international licensing of trademarks and strategies to maximize the value of trademarks over the length of the product life cycle.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Daily Law Group can also undertake litigation to protect intellectual property assets, should another party infringe upon your trademark or trade name, or when a party has violated the terms of a distribution or licensing agreement.

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Intellectual Property is the sustainable point of difference between your company and your competitor.