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The Cinderella Story

California The Golden State for Diggers

Essentially there are three types of cases: (1) The Cinderella Story;  (2) Cain and Able; and (3) The Trustee who cannot be Trusted. Our office has handled matters where headlines and movies could not possibly comport with the reality of real families and their struggles.
Very often it is the lawyer’s job to standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves – including the long deceased. Breathing life into a written contract and enforcing a Judgment as it was intended by the parties as the final determination of their rights.

Daily Law Group is a strong advocate for beneficiaries whose parents have remarried and now find their rights and access to their own parent restricted.  We are there to assist when siblings no longer have a parent to guide them to make sound decisions having been left in charge of the cookie jar.  We also are there to shine the bright lights of justice on the dark and secret places that your trusted trustee has hidden from you for so many years.